For The Past Decades’ Crime Continues To Be One Of The

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For the past decades’ crime continues to be one of the challenges societies face in every part of the world. From minor offenses, such as shoplifting, simple assault, trespass, etc. In the united states the rise in crime rates in our community and other states is very alarming. Law enforcements and many citizens are trying to seek a solution, but no one knows the root of crimes. However, throughout the United States the causes of crime appear to be alike in nature. In order to make our community safer or decrease the crime rates we must understand the causes of crime and issues that lead to the continual increased crime in modern American society. This paper focus on the causes of crime in the USA and why criminal behavior is critically…show more content…
The absence of a parent and parents not supervising their kids’ behaviors is also the root of crimes in the USA. “All human beings have an innate desire to belong, and this desire is extended to cover the desire to belong in a family” (Crutchfield, 2000). A child, especially young men not having both parents around or a positive role model to guide them into the right paths do turn to bad crowd for support. Some believe joining a gang, killing innocent people, and stealing is the best way to survive. Out of all those factors link to increasing crime rate in the US the lack of gun control is the biggest contributor. The recent mass shootings in a Pulse Orlando nightclub in Orlando, Florida (June 12, 2016), Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia (April 16, 2007) to Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut (December 14, 2012) have many people request for stricter gun control. In a country where people have the right to bear arms, it is very important to have strict gun laws. Although the law required licensed dealer to conduct background checks on those who chooses to purchase a handgun there are still illegal guns being used to commit crimes. “As compared with other developed countries, the U.S. holds the record for the highest number of homicides by firearms with a total number of 9,960 deaths in 2010 alone. Switzerland on the other hand only has 40, Canada with 173 and Sweden with only 18. This means that the government as well as the laws

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