For The Purpose Of This Assignment, I Decided To Go To

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For the purpose of this assignment, I decided to go to make an observation at Starbucks at the Indiana Memorial Union (IMU), Indiana University. I decided to sit alone at one of the tables there, facing the Starbucks counter. The weather outside the IMU was so hot but it was chilly inside the IMU. From where I was sitting, I was able to see people at the counter, people near the stage and on the tables clearly. I went to the Starbucks around 5pm in the evening and at that time it was really noisy. I could hear people laughing, chatting and I could clearly hear music playing in the background. I think most of the students just finished their class that is why there are lots of students there. At that time, there are lots of students lining…show more content…
I can tell that they are really close to one another because of the way they talk and greet one another. They talk to one another while laughing; smiling and they interact with one another in a very casual, light-hearted way. After a while talking to each other, one of them started to tell a joke. One of the jokes that I heard and remembered sounds like this, “What did the red light say to the green light?” “Don’t look, I am changing!” Then all of them burst into laughter and one of the males in the group ‘punch’ the one who told the jokes while laughing. After a while, one of the females started to talk about the economics quiz that she just took. Then, all of them started to talk and chatted about economic professor (Prof. A) and the female who started the conversation expressed how she hates the professor because the professor is a tough grader. Then they continued the conversations by comparing the professor (Prof .A) with another professor (Prof. B) and talk about how easy the test of Prof. B compared to Prof. A. After spent about 10-15minutes talk about their classes and professors, they decided to go home. Before they were separated, one of the males asked the others to join him to a party on Friday nights and then they hug one another and said goodbye. I believe, and it was obvious that most of the people that were at
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