For The Purposes Of This Week’S Assignment I Will Be Maintaining

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For the purposes of this week’s assignment I will be maintaining a focus on The Nature of Virtue and The Ethic of Care. Below, I have highlighted key features of each theory, and summarized how each agrees are disagrees with my personal philosophy. Thank you in advance for your questions or critiques.
The Nature of Virtue
Happiness lies in the good of man, which can be obtain through the fulfillment of one’s function (Cahn, 2013).
When considering the purpose of man, Aristotle maintained a focus on the features that set us apart from plants and animals. Given that we all share the capacities for nutrition, growth, and perception he concluded that function is what sets us apart (Cahn, 2013). Furthermore, by doing well at activities relating
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As a first year teacher, I was hesitant to participate in faculty meeting because I was fearful of how my idea might be ridiculed. Through experiences in the classroom and my graduate work I later became over confident in my skills/abilities. This frequently led me to overshare my ideas/opinions, and pass rash judgment on others. Gradually, I began to realize that this behavior made it challenging for others to work with me. By finding the middle ground in Aristotle’s Sphere of Fear and Confidence, I became a more valuable contributor to the school’s professional team (Thomson, 1955, p.1).

“Virtuous traits originate and grow from the same things that can destruct them” (Cahn, 2013, p. 137).
Originating from my previous example, I also agree with this feature within my personal philosophy. The time I spent in the classroom and graduate work contributed to my overall professional confidence. Through my newly founded understandings I felt better prepared to contribute to faculty discussions, but for the same reasons at certain point I became too confident. Though I was able to correct the behavior to reach a mean, I feel that I would have been able to just as easily returned to cowardice.

“This way of thinking allows us to instead consider not what to do, but “what to be”, hence providing unity to how to react to individual situations” (Cahn, 2013, p. 142).
Perhaps my favorite feature

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