For The Review Of Seeing How Companies Expanded Internationally,

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For the review of seeing how companies expanded internationally, I selected the following five presentations to view: 1) Crayola in China, 2) Dunkin Donuts in Japan, 3) Nestle in Spain, 4) Nike in the UK and 5) Apple in Japan Crayola’s Expansion into China: Both the text and theme choice were very pleasant selections to read. The formatting of the slides were very interesting, as borders between text and images were kept in check and have a very clean appearance. The presentation itself was very informative, and included all of the core values required per the rubric. It seamlessly went through their initial domestic expansion beginning in Pennsylvania and their need to expand beyond North America. The presentation showed a couple…show more content…
Nestle In Spain: Author used a visually pleasing theme and pictures to help enhance the idea of their vast product line, country-by-country availability, as well as company motto’s and how they are living up to their pledge/mission statement. While Nestle has a vast network of products, they expanded their offerings into Spain by formulating baby food and condensed milk products to fulfill a need they determined to be present in the country. While it was kind of difficult to me to connect the challenges of the company to the recommendations for the future (or how to address such challenges), I found the important lesson was companies should be flexible to opening new product lines and categories to cater to new demographics. Brand messaging is also important, as keeping a positive message that is repetitive and easy to remember can be instrumental in driving sales. Nike in the UK: The author did a nice job with formatting the slides with a good amount of pictures to balance a very informative report of Nike’s expansion. Clearly addressed their vision, challenges entering the foreign market, how to build on the success of their existing operations overseas, and provided a well-researched set of recommendations for the future. The biggest takeaways from this presentation was the apparel industry has been struggling with certain large brands recently going out of style, third party brand

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