For The Sake Of This Final Research Proposal, I Would Only

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For the sake of this Final Research Proposal, I would only report my findings in Sasha’s responses. These findings are reported in three mayor themes: (1) Beliefs about Reading, (2) Beliefs about Themselves as Readers, and (3) Translanguaging as a Transaction Strategy. Beliefs about Reading From Sasha’s responses, it is possible to notice that her beliefs about what good readers do is grounded in her understanding of how a story should be told. For Sasha, good readers are those who bring emotions to the act of reading. PI: Muy bien, ¿Quién es un buen lector que tú conoces? [ Very good, who is a good reader you know?] Sasha: ¿Cómo así? [How does it come?] PI: no se, alguien que lee bien, que tú dices esta persona es un muy buen lector,…show more content…
PI: o, por qué tú dices, no sé si soy una buena lectora, que quisieras tu saber para saber si eres una buena lectora [ or, why do you say I don’t know if I am a good reader, what else would you like to know to realize you are a good reader?] Sasha: las otras personas opinión, [ other people’s opinión] PI: ¿qué opinan las otras personas? [what do other people think?] Sasha: ajá [yeah] PI: ¿Por qué eso es importante para ti? [ why is that important for you?] Sasha: … uhm, ‘cos I don’t know how to rate myself Sasha’s beliefs about herself as a reader are based on other people’s opinions and how these people rate her reading: “ ‘cos I don’t know how to rate myself”. Translanguaging as a Transactional Strategy The aforementioned excerpts enlighten how Sasha’s uses bilingual strategies to convey a very specific meaning within their answers. Sasha uses her full linguistic repertoire in a socially constructed context (the BRI and during the RMA), which is defined as translanguaging (García & Kleyn, 2016). Translanguaging as a transactional strategy was not considered to be a possible theme for this research project; however, Sasha’s rich translanguaging is worth to be analyzed. Sasha used her translanguaging abilities in multiple times during BRI, RMI, and RMA. During the RMA session, Sasha expressed her frustration

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