For The Workplace Study Presented, Our Group Has Studied

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For the workplace study presented, our group has studied a variety of workplaces in attempts to draw some similar patterns in gender structures. All of the observations took place in the services sector, though the offerings differed. The purpose of our observations was to gain more insight into how gender, race and other demographics are structured into various places of employment. There were some observations that were expected like Hispanics and African Americans in lower waged positions and women working as receptionists; however, there were some interesting observations in different locations. As we provide a brief explanation of the locations observed, we will draw on the similarities and differences. The first observation was at…show more content…
During my observation, out of the four employees, one was male and the supervisor for the shift was also female. However, the nature of the work could be seen as feminized, so this ratio is not surprising. Much of the work involved customer interaction and preparation of specialty food and beverages. This is similar to the Sean’s observation, in that women work is associated with constantly interacting with customers. The single male worker focused much of his time acting independently, avoiding working the cash register and sweeping/cleaning the main seating area. This could be seen as an example of male worker’s interest of working in jobs with independence (Cottingham). The avoidance of working the cash register also mirrors William’s observation of the toy stores, suggesting that in most service jobs, men see working the cashier as a “female” job (Williams). We see ties to the service industry, especially those focused on food service having a higher ratio of female to male workers. Another observation was Señor Frog’s by FamaMarissa: Señor Frog’s Myrtle Beach is a Mexican- theme franchised “infamous party scene” bar located in many tourist destinations around the world. During my observation, I noticed that there were six shot girls, wearing short skirts and tiny tank tops, walking around the bar selling shots, specifically to males. A few of the girls
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