For These Reasons, The Catapult (Figure 2) Set Was Suggested

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For these reasons, the catapult (Figure 2) set was suggested as a primary training aid in the Six Sigma training. A catapult offered a tool/process that enhanced the learners’ understanding. It supported up to seven factors at two or more levels of experimental design as well as both continuous and categorical factors. It provided data for analysis, which could be used for Gauge Repeatability and Reproducibility (GR&R), Hypothesis Testing such as t-test, one-way ANOVA, Regression, Design of Experiments (DOE) and Statistical Process Control (SPC). A good tie-in between the Six Sigma competition game and the Six Sigma topic was desirable to motivate and ensure engagement during the class. The learners were able to practice the Six Sigma…show more content…
Therefore the Six Sigma competition game included a reward (i.e. Coins) element in the classroom quizzes as discussed in the earlier section. There were two forms of quizzes. The first quiz format was to recapitulate the previous day’s learning using the ‘question cards’ method. The learners needed to discuss among the team and developed a question list based on what had learned on the previous day before the question given to the opponent team to answer. The second one was a Six Sigma pop quiz during the class. The quizzes not only provide immediate feedback to the trainers if any adjustment of the training was needed, but also served as an avenue for the teams to earn their coins (resources) depending on the correctness of the responses. On the other hand, the team would lose its coins for any inappropriate answers. The deduction of coins was not intended as punishment, but it worked as a tool to control the individual learner from simply answering without team discussion. The teams had to accumulate the coins as much as possible to better prepare for the final war by purchasing the necessary tools such as catapult, aluminum foil, measuring tapes, different types of ball, rubber band, laser pointer or clamp to build their

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