For This Assignment, I Chose To Read And Reviewed Four

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For this assignment, I chose to read and reviewed four research articles that talk about the effects of divorce on children. Each of them discussed about whether the differences in the level of parental marital conflict could leave any impacts on the well-being of the children. Besides, all of these papers compare between the high-conflict and low-conflict families. They compare and contrast the well being of the children of divorce when they reach young adults and adulthood stage. All of these articles are the combination of both qualitative and quantitative types of researches. Some theoretical perspectives that were used are economic deprivation, family structure and psychological stress. Plus, these papers were already being reviewed …show more content…
The author tried to support his hypothesis by doing 1-hour interview by interviewing children that being randomly selected from three different schools. Then, he measured and computed any conflicts that provided by the children’s parents, peers and external raters. He provided sources from past studies that show negative effects of divorce on children and use examples to further support his arguments. However, his findings did not support his hypothesis. He found out that parental conflicts do not mean that it can leave negative relationship to the children’s self-esteem. Thus, he clarifies by saying that this difference in findings happens because past researchers rely on clinical samples, while his samples were from randomly selected children. In my opinion, presenting past studies that lead us to make our hypothesis are really effective as it provides the base and evidence of our arguments. However, this article is not persuasive because the author stated in his study that the measurements that he used to study and address some problems in this study have unknown validity and reliability—this can be one of the weaknesses of this study. By saying that, it makes me feel that the finding of this study will not be as accurate and promising. The finding of this paper is also contradicted with my belief. I thought it would be the way around. It is because, according to Prof. Hansen’s lecture on, “Chosen Relationships and Roots of Mature Love”, it is said that
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