For This Assignment, I Visited The Veteran’S Museum On

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For this assignment, I visited the Veteran’s Museum on Mifflin Street. Admission is free to this museum and the only employees there are a gift shop/front desk employee and one security guard. The museum is self-guided, with the option to use headphones to hear recorded explanations about the exhibits. Most patrons walk around and view the exhibits at their leisure. The museum has exhibits about all of the wars the United States has been actively involved in since the United States became a country and highlights the contributions Wisconsin natives have made in these wars. The special exhibit at the museum when I visited was an expansion of their World War I exhibit. Information at the museum was mainly conveyed through displays of…show more content…
Transfer, however, does not always occur subconsciously. There are multiple types of transfer, all of which could be experienced when viewing the exhibits at the Veteran’s Museum. Vertical transfer occurs when knowledge of a previous topic is essential to gain new knowledge. One would need to know that tensions over legal slavery was a major catalyst for the Civil War in order to understand why this war began. Lateral transfer occurs when previous knowledge is not essential, but can be helpful. Knowledge of the state of the economy in the United States between World War I and World War II is not essential to understanding the basics of either war, but it can help give insight into the attitudes of Americans about U.S. participation in both wars. When learning in one setting enhances learning in a different context, it is called positive transfer. Learning about the types of weapons that were used in the Civil War would help one recognize the technological advancements in weaponry after learning about the types of weapons used in World War I. Negative transfer is the opposite: learning that occurs in one context interferes with learning in another. Students who learned about the Korean and Vietnam Wars in the same history class may get the facts of both wars confused. Near transfer occurs when the context of old learning overlaps with the context of new learning. Reading some of the plaques or viewing pictures at the

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