For This Document Paper We Will Be Looking At Some Sources

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For this document paper we will be looking at some sources found in various documents, and will also be answering some questions that will help us understand what it was like to be a European in this particular time era. Some of the questions that we will be answering are: According to the woodcuts, engravings, and captivity narratives, How did Europeans interpret their experiences in colonial America? What did Indians think about European colonists in colonial America? For this research I will being using names, dates, and examples to support my points through out the document paper. When looking at these woodcuts and engravings in “Going to the Source” on page 11, from Europe that represent Colonial America, you notice that these are…show more content…
After their redemption, some colonists who had been prisoners of the Indians wrote related to people writing about themselves accounts of their experiences. These stories developed a large audience, and interest in the stories continued into the nineteenth century. After her act of being taken control of by force and redemption, Mary Rowlandson published what some history experts call "America 's first best seller," entitled story of the state of being captured and or in prison and Restoratio;t of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson. Through her use of holy written work and showing of the relationship between the Indians and Puritan colonists, Rowlandson reinforced the usual idea of care preached by the founding Puritans fortv years earlier.
Mary Rowlandson depended on her faith in the care of God to sustain herself during her period of state of being captured and or in prison. Indians wildly searched the town of Lancaster in February of 1675. Rowlandson, the wife of a minister, was one of twenty-four townspeople taken prisoner . Separated from her husband and all but one of her children, during her state of being captured she depended upon a Bible received from an Indian’s stolen items for survival. Her redemption and with her surviving children and husband promised her faith in the care of her God.
When the people from Europe began their settlement of the New World, it was both complicated and helped by its native residents. The native people became friends and
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