For This Essay On The Important Characteristics Of Leadership

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For this essay on the important characteristics of leadership I will use how certain procedures have worked and failed in the franchise salon industry as a model. One of the most important parts of being a leader is the ability to be decisive, that in any situation one must be able to make a choice that may or may not carry a heavy weight. With the consistent use of this skill, those that work for you will begin to trust the confidence exuded when deciding and then following through with a task. As seen in salons, if an owner or manager establishes a rule, such as, jeans are not allowed to be worn at work and are then latter begged by their stylist for a change. Following that if the policy is then changed to jeans are allowed on…show more content…
A possible consequence of putting action to this input is that the stylist could decide that working for themselves in a personal salon, where they can set their own prices, will lead to better personal income; which could cause an employee shortage as well as a loss in customers who might follow the stylist. On a smaller scale, if the workers want to decorate the salon moderately for Halloween or suggest a promotion it is important to commend their good ideas to help build their self-confidence and overall job satisfaction. Balancing this quality with the previously stated characteristic can be a hard task for an individual to master, sometimes it is helpful to break up the two between owner and manager. However, for this specific attribute development comes from a great ability to listen to others, to read the subtle moods of people or changes in the work environment so that the leader can head off problems become too severe to correct. Also, patience and the ability to put personal ego aside to heed to the thoughts of others. Lastly, one of the most important leadership task in the creation of a harmonious workplace is predetermined goals with clearly established rewards and punishments. This can come in the form of an employee handbook that is reviewed and signed during training, listing what
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