For This Exercise, I Went To The Sfu Fitness Centre. The

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For this exercise, I went to the SFU fitness centre. The gym is mainly intended for staff and students, although it is open to the public for a fee ranging from $5-$45 per month, should they wish to make the trek up the mountain. They have a variety of equipment available for use, including exercise and cardio machines as well as free weights.
Upon entering the fitness centre, there is a desk with staff, however, the electronic system simply requires members to scan their membership card – or their student card, as tuition includes membership. Most people who use the gym seem to be familiar with this system, which requires little input from the attending staff. The entrance is on the upper level of the fitness centre and opens into the
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The veteran gym-goer proceeded to show her more novice friend how to use the cardio machine to achieve a more effective workout. After the initial tutorial, they both started working, and they seldom spoke for the remainder of their workout, their interaction limited to her easing up her friend’s difficulty level. Once they had finished with their machines, the veteran wiped hers and her friend’s machines down – thereby acting as an agent of socialisation and introducing him to a fitness centre norm – before they went to do some stretching and cool-down. This area seemed to be the source of most of the conversations in the fitness centre. Because people were less focused on their exercise, they were freer to interact with each other and did so.
Each person has their own goals and reasons for being there, although they may be similar. I overheard one girl talking, for instance, about her mother’s health problems; a possible reason for her to exercise while she is able. The machines all have different settings, both for height and difficulty, and there is an array of different weights to accommodate the wide range of goals and ability levels. Users can thereby use agency to choose a fitness regimen and difficulty level to fit their abilities, challenge them, and still stay within their physical limits. The manifest functions of a fitness centre like SFU’s are quite
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