For This Film Analysis, I Viewed Two Movies. The Films

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For this film analysis, I viewed two movies. The films viewed were Boys Don’t Cry and A Soap. The movies viewed had the common theme of sexuality. The 2 films both had themes regarding sexuality and trangenderism. With that my thesis is, Sexuality and its affects and reactions in regards to interpersonal and familial relationships. To begin we start we the film that was viewed first, Boys Don’t Cry. Boys Don’t Cry offers an insight to the impressions of sexuality and transgenderism in the 1990’s. Five minutes into the film it shows Brandon Teena being chased by a mob of angry guys calling him a dyke (for him having slept with one of the men’s sisters’). That already shows there is hostility towards homosexuality and transgenders.…show more content…
Moving past this film onto the second film, A Soap, we find a more obvious contrast to the environment set up in Boys Don’t Cry. The main thing being there is no outright or violent hostility to out transgender character. This film featured a male to female pre-op transsexual Veronica. She can basically walk around and talk to her neighbors wearing women’s clothing and doesn’t get any actual hostility for it. The other main character Charlotte does occasionally poke fun with witty remarks but it appears to be more in good fun than any actual disdain. The only time her language toward Veronica becomes hostile is when she develops conflicting romantic feelings toward her and is drunk. But essentially all other contact is cordial. Same goes for familial interaction. The there is more of an air of disapproval in those conversations. The mother does appear to still accept Veronica as her child for most of the movie. There is no screaming match or violent undertones in their meeting. You can still tell the mother does have resignations by still calling Veronica by her male name and by the fact that Veronica does not appear to be wanted at family holidays like birthdays. Despite this she does still appear to care for her child by visiting often and bringing gifts. And when she finds Charlotte in Veronica’s home she does not appear to condemn her presence but asks of her to watch over
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