For What Are the Recent Generations Known?

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The Baby Boom generation, Baby Bust generation, Generation Y and Millennium Kids (Generation Z) all left a mark on society, setting the stage for the future generations. Have you ever wondered about what each generation was known for, what they stood for and what they did? This paper will tell you exactly what the Baby Boomers, the Baby Bust, Generation Y and Z children and adults were known for. When you hear “Baby Boom” you think about a lot of babies being born at once. That's exactly what happened from 1946 to 1966, a lot of babies were born. Once the war ended and men were coming back to Canada they decided that with peaceful times among them, it would be a perfect time to have children. Many of the men couldn't wait any longer to have children with their wives. As the Baby Boom children aged they changed society. Also, many Baby Boomers supported “drugs, sex and rock and roll”. They did drugs, and completely changed the social norm of leaving sex until after an individual got married. Lastly, the Baby Boomers had lots of opportunity to get an education and live lifestyles that came with lots of material success. The Baby Boom children left a huge imprint on their siblings the Baby Bust generation, which lead them (the Baby Bust generation) to struggle greatly. The Baby Bust generation followed the Baby Boom generation in 1967 to 1979. The children and adults that emerged from the Baby Bust generation were forced to follow successful parents and older siblings
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