For Whom the Bell Tolls Critical Analysis

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For Whom the Bell Tolls Critical Analysis
In 1937, Ernest Hemingway traveled to Spain. This experience inspired him to write For Whom the Bell Tolls. For Whom the Bell Tolls is a novel about the Spanish Civil War during May 1937 at Segovia. During this time, an American citizen volunteers to help the Spanish Republicans against the fascists because for his love of Spain and its people. However, if Robert Jordan truly loved the Spanish people, he would have alongside the fascists and against the republicans. Although Robert Jordan is generally known as the ‘’hero’’ of For Whom the Bell Tolls, the fascists
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Take care not to vomit.’ ‘Listen to me, Don Faustino. There are beautiful girls over the cliff.’ ‘We were able to kill them without injuring the horses.’ ‘To steal, yes. To eat well, yes. To murder, yes.”’ As Critic Ramon Buckley says for this scene: “…is Pilar’s painfully graphic account of one such uprising. More than any other chapter in the novel, it has stirred reader’s imaginations with its gruesome realism, sparring no detail in recounting the massacre of fascist landlords by Andalusian peasants.” The quotes states and simply proves the brutality and cruelty to the fascists by the landlords. In these three scenes, the “heroes” level of morality is very distinct and low. Pablo, Pilar and the men they were working with kill them and in a way enjoyed it. He, Pablo the leader in this situation, had them thrown off a cliff and into the river to dispose of their bodies, with the feeling that they didn’t deserve a proper burial due to their political affiliation. And as a catholic, one should strive to receive as many sacraments as they can before their death. And this in Pablo’s knowledge, he tells the peasants and that are assisting him to give the men the necessary sacraments before they die. One might think that he’s taking them into consideration, making sure when they die they are to go to heaven, but all of the characters, including Pablo have stated that they
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