For every problem caused by urbanisation there is an effective solution

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Rapid urbanisation has caused a variety of problems, including transport congestion, lack of sufficient homes and living conditions, sanitary and health care issues, and crime. For all these problems, city planners have attempted potential solutions, each with varying degrees of success. Cities including London, Manila and Mumbai have several of the aforementioned problems, and have each tried their own potential solutions. This essay will discuss how successful these schemes have been in resolving these issues. As a result of an increased population inhabiting one area, traffic congestion is often a major issue resulting from urbanisation. In London, traffic is evidently a problem. As it would be expected from a capital city home to more…show more content…
In terms of health, an example of an attempt in Mumbai is the Slum Sanitation Program, started in 1995 by an NGO, who built 330 new communal toilet blocks in the slums; due to health also being detrimentally affected by exhaust emissions from traffic, dirty water, cramped living spaces (increasing the spread of disease) and general cleanliness of homes, this has had little impact. Over all, it is evident that these attempts have not been greatly successful, potentially due to the lack of money preventing any major plans like complete rejuvenation which would solve the problems. As cities grow, problems grow with them. Solving these problems has been attempted in various ways by various people, and have each have had different levels of success. In MEDC London, the issue of congestion was attacked in a much more structured way, and therefore did make some impact, although for the moment, minimal. In LEDCs Mumbai and Manila, Governments have struggled to rectify their problems due to their lack of money, as the scale of their modifications is too great due to such rapid urbanisation. In conclusion, I agree that more often than not there is an effective solution for problems caused by urbanisation, but in many cases they are just too big and too expensive to be

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