For the Love of My Dog, Lilly Essay

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In Frankfurt’s essay “The Importance of What We Care About” he talks about the importance of caring and why people actually care for things. After reading Frankfurt’s essay I have come to the conclusion that there are plenty of things in my life that I have come to care and love. To be able to have the chance to love something in your lifetime has a great impact on one’s life. Love for the most part can steer you in the right direction, but that’s not always the case. The love that I share in my life has kept me on a pretty good path so far. My love for things varies but one thing in my life that I have learned to have the most love for is my dachshund, Lilly. Lilly, my black/brown long haired miniature dachshund, has been a part of my…show more content…
I remember going to school and telling people how I got a dog and how much I loved her already. After telling people how much I loved my dog I would go home each night after a long day at school and cry for hours because my dog wouldn’t want to be near me. She would constantly cry and I would just yell at her, asking why she couldn’t just love me. I knew she had no answer but I tried all I could do to make her love and care for me the same way that I loved and cared for her. “A person who cares about something is, as it were, invested in it” (83). In Frankfurt’s words I was invested in gaining my new dogs love. Even though I felt as if I were the only person in my family having issues with the dog I soon found out that I was way wrong. Lilly had taken a liking to my mom and brother but as for my dad and I she seemed to be frightened anytime we were in the same room as her. I know I must have came off strong with trying to make her love me but as for my dad I have no idea why she seemed to go running whenever he was around. My father and I are literally the same person, meaning that we easily get offended when all we try to do is make things right and they just seem to blow up in our faces later. Not only did my date hate the dog because of this he soon started to not want to take care of her because she didn’t like him. His logic was if you don’t like me I won’t like you.
He quickly changed his mind
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