"For the Sake of Our Planet, Tourism Should Be Discouraged." How Far Do You Agree or Disagree?

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The world is huge and mysterious, full of wonders and surprises, and humans are ever inquisitive by nature. The need for human to consistently travel and quench their curiousity through new discoveries had been evident since early civilization. Like those myths and legends of Gulliver's Travels to appease the curiousity of people in the pastof the vast , unknwon Eart, to the real history and conquers of Marco Popl, humans have never find it enough to stop unreveling the wonders of nature and Earth to cease travelling. Especially with the advancement of and improvement of transport technologies. When we needed months, even years, of perilous travels across oceans, now we just need a few luxurious hours on planes to reach our destinations. …show more content…
The environment may be destroyed in the process of building these infrastructures, like the clearing of lands for not only the hotels and shops, but also for better accessibility and transport system. This may eventually lead to overcrowding of the tourist spot. Following are the air and noise pollution, unavoidable when overpopulation occurs. This further degrades the environment.
Therefore tourism should be discouraged as it can cause great harm to the environment of that particular tourist spot with the influx followed by the tourism industry.

Also the travelling in modern modes of transports like air palnes and various land transports releases large amount of carbon gases that can result in global temperature rise. And of course the rise in carbon emmision is a major influece from the rise in tourism as many prefer the mode of transport by air. The advancemnet of transporation technology by air has not only hasten travelling time, but as thismode of transport became more common, it became cheaper as well. Many budget airline companies are springing out, making travelling more affordable and more popular. However 12% of the world's carbon emmision is contributed by aviation.
Although there are many other industries and activities, like factories wastes, which produce more carbon emmision than air travel alone, discouraging tourism (along with other sectors) can help cut down on the carbon emmision.

But on the other hand, as more people travel due to their
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