Essay on Force Health Protection

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Name Institution Course Professor Date Brigade Support Company and Force Health Protection for COPs The Brigade Support Medical Company plays a variety of roles in its scope of work. This paper seeks to discuss and identify the manner in which the Brigade Support Medical Company can offer Force Health Protection to outlying COPs. The main roles of the company are that: they act as a unit level medical care; and they offer basic primary health care as per the Army Healthcare System and support to all BCT units that operate within the AO of the brigade (Menter, 148). The company also plays the above two roles on al BCT units that lack organic medical assets. The BSMC is led by a commander who leads supervision of the…show more content…
In essence, outlying COPS are at more risks of getting injured and end up needing medical attention more than most areas and branches in the army. Therefore, the Brigade Support Medical Company can apply some of their operational areas in offering the most needed medical services and health care that the COPs may need. In fact, the BSMC needs to be proactive in the manner in which they provide assistance and help to the COPs (Wunderle, 83). The commanders can provide tactical planning in a proactive rather than a reactive manner since health protection needs to be thoroughly integrated with tactical orders and plans for it to be effective in health and medical care provision. The dynamism in services for the COPs is something the commanders at BSMC need to consider to be able to provide timely services by adapting to the flow of COPs’ operations. In some instances, COPs may find themselves in dangerous situations where there may be many casualties or situations that my demand that the medical staff needs to protect themselves as much as they need to protect their patients- the COPs. As much as evacuation is essential, there is need to provide adequate information through information sharing systems. This can be classified under their preventive role in a bid to approach the job in a proactive manner. Through this the COPs may have basic and fundamental knowledge of what to do in certain
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