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Cut out the boxes. Sort them into an appropriate lay-out on a page of your workbook, then glue them down. Add connecting arrows and colour in. FORCES Force & Its Effects Gravitational Force Electrostatic Force Magnetic Force Contact Forces & Field Forces Mass & Weight Magnetic Fields Electrical Charges Friction Orbits & Weightlessness Charging & Discharging Year 7-8 Topic 2 Forces copyright © 2008 keep it simple science 4 ® keep it simple science Copying is permitted according to the Site Licence Conditions only What is a FORCE? A force is a PUSH or a PULL. Force is what causes things to begin moving, or slow down and stop. When you pull on the rope, a force is transmitted through the rope to pull on the box and drag it along When the club strikes the ball, a force pushes to make the ball move. Your legs push on the pedals. Wheels go around and push on the road. If something is already moving, force can make it go faster, or slow down and stop. Force can also cause a change of shape. For example, in a collision, forces can change the shape of the things involved. Pressing the accelerator makes the engine supply more force to the wheels... the car goes faster. Pressing on the brake pedal causes a force in the wheels to slow the car down. Sometimes, forces can change the temperature. In the car above, the brakes become very hot when force is used to slow the car down.

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