Essay on Forced Labor in "King Leopold’s Ghost"

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Forced Labor in King Leopold’s Ghost

In King Leopold’s Ghost by Adam Hochschild, forced labor seems to be a recurring theme throughout the book. Forced labor would be non-existence or be very minimal if it wasn’t for colonialism. Google defines colonialism as an exploitation by a stronger country of weaker one; the use of the weaker country's resources to strengthen and enrich the stronger country. King’s Leopold’s Ghost, Belgium is known as the stronger country in search of a colony (Congo) for its own exploitation. Professor Landstreet defines forced labor as the most extreme form of slavery, work that people are compelled to do against their will and subjected to physical punishment if they don’t perform their work. In the following
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The entire system was militarized and Force Publique personals were dispersed around Congo to enforce their power and will. AWS defines social structure as patters of social relationships that are relatively stable. These relationships may be among roles, groups, within a society. The relationships are guided by norms, and by shared meanings held by the people participating in the relationships. Force Publique existed in Congo until Congo got its independence from Belgium in 1960. It was a stable organization that created fear to the Congo by murder, mutilation, and hostage taking to force labor. The main purpose of the Force Publique was to enforce the rubber quotas and force labor. Equipped with a chicotte, a whip made of hippopotamus hide, the Force Publique were able to take and mistreat hostages. FQ were able to hold women’s hostage, which forced their husbands to gather wild rubber in the jungle and to meet strict rubber quotas. Communities that were uncooperative with the orders of the FQ often saw their villages burnt to the ground and soldiers took human hands as trophies, but more importantly installed fear in the minds of the natives.
Force Publique had no remorse for the atrocities they have caused because to them it was normal, and norm of the job. They were handed money to keep quiet about the crimes committed in the Congo and also got a cut of the rubber revenue. Therefore it was ok in their minds to abuse

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