Forced Marriage During The Middle East

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Since some decade, forced marriage has been a source of problem in Africa and in the Middle East in a ration of families. It is likewise a very challenging, and profound theme to talk about besides to resolve in those societies since it is very difficult to know the true percentage of forced marriages. What is the definition of forced marriage? Forced marriage is the union of two persons, without the agreement of one of them. The two families of the marry couple, will prepare everything and individuals concerned will do so only to the procedure of the union. Nevertheless, in the Quran, it is not said somewhere that they have to do it. The latter, not always accept by the married persons, can often lead to serious consequences. Motivated to pierce this mystery, I am asking myself some questions:
• Why is it difficult to know the true number of forced marriages?
• What are the reasons and consequences of forced marriage?
• What are the solutions to stop this scourge?
The Reasons of Arranged and forced marriage
1. Family reasons Parental approval for the choice of the spouse is very Important in those Muslims society. In case of complications, the family will come to assist the couple. Anne Goddard of Child Fund International in the article Forced Marriage Continues in Many Countries said that "Families are afraid for girls ………….. To become pregnant particularly". Parents are in the tradition of practicing forced marriage in order to pass their beliefs…
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