Forced Marriage

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Arrange and Forced Marriage are a 21 Century Crime
The world is becoming a place where one citizenship or obtain money is a good solution for having a better future and some prey are young people and American citizens who are cheated and fall in love. Every year in the united states, young people is forced to marry because being pregnant or their religion. Some religions push young people to marry against their will. In the United States is allowed to marry before the age of 18 with the approval of their parents, the legal problem enters when they are forced to marry against their will. Another situation that is similar to forced marriage is arranged marriage, but it is a little different between both. When an arranged marriage exists, it is
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The penalty that is giving for a lie in the interview is up to 5 years imprisonment for the applicant citizen and final deportation for the immigrant. The immigration police give the interview and in this, they ask personal questions about the likes, family, and even how they knew each other. They may even get to ask what toothpaste uses the other. I have learned from my aunt those 3 years ago, she married a citizen, but in the case of her for being over 50 years, they did the exam in Spanish because they were convinced that because of her age it would be very difficult for her to learn English. In the process to obtain citizenship in the first year are given the applicant's residence and up to two years, after that citizenship is given, this is to check that it is not a fraud. Another thing that can come to give is that the immigrant is using the citizen to get the residence, and in that case is more complicated because the citizen is doing it for love and for logic when giving the exam the two are perfectly known. The claim can be given, in case the immigrant decides to divorce and leave all medical insurance payments, among other things to the citizen and can eventually be deported if the fraud is verified. This crime can be difficult to verify by the complications that can be given, but if it is proven, the penalty is
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