Ford And Firestone Have Been Working Together For Over 100 Years

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Ford and Firestone have been working together for over 100 years. Both companies began working together when their founders build a friendship in the beginning of the automotive revolution. Both companies were able to work together for many years without to many problems. But in 2001 both companies ran into an ethical dilemma that left both their reputations on the line. In 2001 Ford started selling their Ford Explorer. Problems started to arise when the vehicle 's tires tread separated causing the vehicle to roll over. There was 203 deaths linked to this issue as well as 700 injuries reported. When the problem came to light for both companies instead of reacting to the problem they became on the offense for the…show more content…
Ford then fired right back by stating that Explorers that were equipped with other tires were not running into the issues that the vehicles with Firestone tires were. Each company was denying responsibility for their actions in this ethical concern. Both companies acted unethically when it came to their actions. First Ford acted unethically when it decided to ignore the engineer’s remarks on how to lower the roll over risk. Then they acted unethically again when they asked Firestone to jeopardize the integrity of their tires to meet lean manufacturing requirements Ford was trying to produce. Both companies should have stopped and notices that they were violating their ethical duty to provide safe products for the consumers to buy. Throughout this class we have learned about the different theories that surround ethics. Utilitarianism theory is the one to make an action or a choice that creates the most good for everyone involved (Boatright, 52). Considering the facts in this case it seems that Ford made the choice to put the outcomes of their company before the outcome that would create the most good. Based on the Utilitarianism approach this would mean the Ford is the one to blame for all of the issues. Since Ford produced the vehicle with the faulty tires it was their responsibility to test those tires before the vehicle was placed for sale. Ford has a duty to people who buys, drives, or

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