Ford And The Government Of The Pinto Case

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Was Ford to blame in the Pinto case?
Christeen Olsen
Business Ethics & Social Issues 1122
Anoka Ramsey Community College
April 26, 2015

This paper explores several published articles and an overview of the court cases, that bring up the question of ethics and the responsibilities of Ford and the government in the Pinto gas-tank issues of the 1970’s. This paper is intended to ask questions of ethics regarding manufacturers responsibilities when there might be a potential safety hazard, what the governmental duties might be in helping to keep the public safe, and whether or not they should be held responsible for not taking measureable steps in protecting the public. Also highlighted is what Ford did and didn’t do when the problem of the gas-tank explosions happened prior to their launch as well as what steps were taken as accidents started to occur and how a newer practice of cost-benefit analysis was used to help them make their controversial decisions to sell this product to the public.

Was Ford to blame in the Pinto case? Most people have heard of the huge disaster regarding Ford’s economical Pinto automobile that was introduced and went on sale on September 11, 1970. (Wikipedia, April 20, 2014) Back in the 70’s, Ford was given a firm directive from Lee Iacocca, the pinto was not to weigh an ounce over 2000 pounds and not to cost a cent over $2000.” (Dowie 1977). A lofty goal that was given due to the pressure of the public wanting a…

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