Ford And The United Kingdom

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For over 100 years, The Ford Motor Company is one of the true American Companies that has an outreach that spans the globe. Not only did Ford make an affordable and some will say desirable automobiles in America, but the company changed the mindset of how a car can not only be affordable and look good he made them reliable in the UNITED KINGDOM. As of 2013, Ford had two of the three most used cars in the United Kingdom, outselling European Companies Vauxhall, Alfa Romeo and Citroen. I will discuss the early stages of Ford and how tractors being made by a Ford Company Fordson creating an outlet later for Ford to start building and selling cars in the UNITED KINGDOM. I will talk about how before the Ford Focus ruled the UNITED KINGDOM. Roads it was the UNITED KINGDOM. version of the Ford Taurus, the Mondeo that made them extremely popular. Finally, I will discuss how without the popularity in the UNITED KINGDOM. Ford would not have been able to acquire a percentage of what many consider the peak of beauty and mechanical ingenuity for the UNITED KINGDOM. Aston Martin.

Initially the first vehicle plants that Ford created overseas were in the UNITED KINGDOM. They were not for cars, they were for tractors Fordson Tractors to be exact and the big seller was the Model F the UNITED KINGDOM. continued to make the Model F until 1964. Now lets go back to 1903 when Ford was created with just 12 Investors and 1000 shares of stock. After some friction with…
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