Ford Ka Case Essay

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1. What is your opinion of Ford’s strategy (up to and including the development of the Ka) in the small car market in France? i) Ford made its presence in small segment car (less than 390 cms) with its Ford Fiesta model which was one of the top 5 selling cars in small segment in France and top 3 in Europe. ii) With market getting highly segment and competitors’ move to come up with models as per requirement of highly fragment segment made Ford to decide to come up with new model to target emerging segment Trend-B market. iii) Renault was the first to move to target this emerging segment with Twingo model, which took every one with surprise and it was well accepted by the segment. They offered more forcing competitors to offer…show more content…
Similarly the distance between cluster 1 and 2; 2 and 4 is large and fall in distinct attitudinal segments. * Also seeing the result it can be seen that the option ‘I buy must be able to handle long motorway journeys’ is most unique as it has largest F-vale of 676.809 * Few of the cluster that come outstanding are * People want reliable and economic car they want value for money (Cluster 1) – Value for money customers * People want fashionable, trendy, latest car design (Cluster 2) – Hi earners (who wants to buy car probably as a mode to show off they don’t care much about price) 4. What are the implications of these results for marketing the Ford Ka? * From the factor analysis and cluster analysis performed on the given data it is clear that, each cluster or segment has different needs and the factors are also different. So management of Ford has to decide which segment needs it wants to cater using Ford Ka model. Since the model of Ka is already ready, management can also map the model specifications with the segmented market cluster available using cluster analysis. * Once the segments need is decided and analyzed, marketing efforts should be
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