Ford Motor Company : An American Automaker Essay

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Stock Report- Ford Motor Company Ford Motor Company is an American automaker and the world 's fifth largest automaker based on worldwide vehicle sales and is the second largest American automaker. Based in Dearborn, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit, the automaker was founded by Henry Ford, on June 16, 1903. In that same year, with 12 investors and 1000 shares, the company had spent almost all of its 28000 dollar cash investment by the time it sold the first Ford Model A on July 23 1903. By October 1 of that same year, Ford Motor Company had turned a profit of 37,000 dollars. By 1904, Ford Motor company built its first international plant in Walkerville, Ontario, right across the Detroit River from Ford’s existing facilities. The company was a separate organization with its own set of shareholders. it was created to sell vehicles not just in Canada, but also all across the British Empire (1904 current British Empire). Over the years Henry Ford Model T then put the world on wheels with a simple, affordable, and durable automobile. I chose to purchase Ford stock mainly because of what was previously said at the end of the first paragraph. Henry Ford’s automobile were not made so that they would only be available to an exclusive status quo of people. Instead these automobiles were made so that everyone could afford and enjoy the simply luxuries of owning a Ford vehicle. Over the years Ford has stuck by these qualities introduced by Henry Ford. Personally I am a simple guy and do
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