Ford Motor Company: An Analysis

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1. Ford Motor Company engages in a number of business-level strategies. Three of the most important are where the company sells, where it produces, and what it produces. With respect to where Ford sells, it has chosen the strategy of being a global automobile company. The company outlines this strategy as a matrix with product strategy (what it produces). Ford's geographic/product strategy matrix is as follows. The company operates around the world, selling in almost every country. It has special focus on North America and China, but operates just about everywhere else as well. Ford divides the world into four regions North America (including Mexico and the Caribbean), South America, Europe, and Asia/Africa/Australia. The second step of the way Ford visualizes its world is through the different product categories. There are five global platforms. The B level platform is based on the Fiesta; the C platform the Escape; the Ranger platform for trucks; the CD platform is for the Fusion electric models and the global commercial van platform is the fifth. The company believes that by 2015, these five platforms will account for 75% of its systemwide sales. Ford uses the base platform to produce many different models, customizing models for individual countries, and making adjustments to the branding as well. All five platforms will be sold in South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. The Ranger platform is not expected to be used in North America, where demand tends to
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