Ford Motor Company Business Analysis Essay

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Though the course of research I will be discuss the best case options for Ford Motor Company. The best back up plan for flexibility and decision making. How an effective action plan can be created. Also, identify three steps to make a workable plan and why they are important. Finally, discuss the best option for the Company and reasoning for choosing it.
Case Options Ford Motor Company has been one of the most prominent automobile produces for the last 100 years. In recent years Ford Motor Company has been losing money. In efforts to save the company we will analyze three different plans to realign the company. The first option is to close down older plants. Hoping that closing down older plants would in turn realign
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One of the portfolio strategies is the Boston Consulting Group Matrix. The BCG matrix categorizes a corporation business by growth rate and relative market share which helps managers decide how to invest corporate funds (Williams, 2010). Within the BCG matrix there is four categories based on how fast the market is growing and size of the company. From top to bottom you have four categories’: stars, question marks, cash cows, and dogs. I would personally consider the SUV and truck lines to be “dogs”. This part of the company is a small share and at the present time has a slow growing market. The best situation would be to stop producing SUV’s and trucks and start producing smaller cars that are more environmentally friendly and cost less on gas. The SUV and truck line can still come back in time but for now try and focus on the market of today. The third option is to sell the Premium Auto Group (PAG). The PAG is also a “dog”. The premium cars such as Aston-Martin, Jaguar, Land Rover, and Volvo brands are producing such little if any profit it would be easier to let someone else figure out how to make money on selling such a small amount. They are losing billions year after year they should sell and let someone else figure how to turn their “dogs” into “stars”. The three options available I would recommend selling the premium auto group.
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