Ford Motor Company Business Case Study Essay

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Ford Motor Company Introduction This paper will address an analysis of the key success factors in strategic planning of the Ford Motor Company including planning, product offerings and marketing and sales. The paper will also include financial characteristics and a competition analysis of the Ford Motor Company. Ford Motor Company The Ford Motor Company inspired a manufacturing revolution with its mass production assembly lines in the early 20th century. Ford and Lincoln are one of world's most well known automotive brands, most known for the Ford Mustang, and F-Series pickup trucks. Henry Ford incorporated Ford Motor Company in 1903 at Dearborn, Michigan. Ford Motor Company is known as one of the largest automobile companies…show more content…
26). Ford has produced a company's four-point business plan to include 1) one Ford 2) one team 3) one plan 4) one goal (FMC 2013 Annual Report, p. 8). The one Ford aims at creating a focus within the company. It strives to encourage teamwork while still taking a global formulation to it's strengths. The one team strives to empower all to work together to make customer satisfaction number one. The one plan is aimed to aggressively seek more profit, more value, and more global assets. The one goal is to create and deliver profit growth to all shareholders. Product Offering and Sales In order for Ford to stay ahead of the game they have to stay focused on the latest technology. “Ford researchers are developing ways to use GPA technology and Wi-Fi to will allow vehicles to talk to one another and help avoid crashes” (Knox, 2011, p. 26). Ford has listed in their 2013 Annual Report that they are strategically going to focus on the quality, green, safe, and smart aspects to design. To design and deliver more products that are new with more value that the customers want. Ford lists the fundamental global strategy is to produce vehicles that: “have bold, emotive exterior designs; are great to drive; are great to sit in (second home comfort, convenience, exceptional quietness); provide fuel economy as a reason to buy; are unmistakably a Ford or Lincoln in look, sound, and feel; provide exceptional value and quality (FMC Annual Report 2013, p. 14).” The year 2013,
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