Ford Motor Company Case Analysis Essay

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The Ford Motor Company (Ford or “the company) is an American automotive producer headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan. The company was founded on June 16, 1903, by Henry Ford. The Ford Motor Company manufactures and sells commercial vehicles, luxury cars, Standard Utility Vehicles (SUVs), and automotive parts all over the world. Known for their size, geography, and business model, Ford is often referred to as one of the “Big Three,” along with General Motors and Chrysler Automobiles. Per the Ford Motor Company MarketLine Company Profile (2016), Ford is one of the largest automotive manufacturers in the country. However, since the 1990s, Ford struggled to maintain its spot in the “Big Three” as intense competition presented a significant risk to Ford’s ability to enhance its revenue, and preserve its market share during the global financial crisis that began in 2008. In 2006, the Ford Motor Company lost 25% of its market share. This case study targets all people diverse in culture, religion, and social, economic background. It examines the daunting task of restoring one of the largest automotive company’s back to greatness under the profound leadership of Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Allan Mullaly, making him one of the most influential people in global history.
Previous Leadership at Ford
Before Mulally stepped in as the CEO of Ford on September 5, 2006, Chairman, William Clay Ford, Jr. also known as, Bill Ford headed the corporation. Ford was the

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