Ford Motor Company Case Analysis

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Company Summary:

The Ford Motor Company is one of the most largest and profitable U.S. automakers in the world. Today the company headquarters operates in the Motor City, located in Dearborn, Michigan. The Ford Corporation was found by Henry Ford back in 1903, after a disagreement with his financial investors. He then decided to pursue his passion for owning his own business. The Ford Company designs and manufactures durable automobiles, automotive components, and systems. This corporation is still the longest family ran company in the world, after 11 decades. Ford automaker distribute vehicles over 6 different continents which include: North America, Europe, South America, The Middle East, Asia, and Africa. Ford is ranked # 8 on the Forbes 100 list, and makes net income of over 144 billion dollars a year in revenue sales. Who They Are: Ford Motor Company is the leading global supplier of superior performance, reliable, top of the line vehicles, in the automobile industry. The automaker is a big contributor to economic growth, because the company employs about 187,000 workers, and has 67 functioning plants worldwide. The corporation also provides financial service options for their customers through their own credit financing company, Ford Motor Credit. This service provide customers with financing, for buying or leasing vehicles. It also assist in financial support for the dealerships, in order to keep daily operations running as smoothly as possible.…

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