Ford Motor Company Case Study

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Ford Motor Company is the fifth biggest automobile manufacturing companies in the world and they offer a wide range of products and services for consumers. Ford Motor Company offers automobile products that are cars, crossovers, SUV’s, trucks, vans, and Lincolns. Ford Motor Company has recently celebrated their 100th anniversary of the moving assembly line invented under Henry Ford. Ford Motor Company has built on its legacy of innovation by expanding advanced manufacturing and ground breaking technologies. Current brands within the country and outside the country for Ford Motor Company include Ford (U.S), Lincoln (U.S) and Troller (Brazil), and former brands of Ford inside and outside the country are Mercury( U.S0, Edsel
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The problem with this model was that it was prone to deadly fires in rear end collisions. “Ford 's internal documents showed the company knew of the potential problem but chose not to fix it, calculating that it would be cheaper to pay out possible injury claims. Following the deaths of three teenage girls in Indiana, Ford was indicted for negligent homicide -- although the company was acquitted” (Levin, 2015). This model was finally recalled in 1978 and the vehicle was installed with new part to deflect the contact in rear end collisions. The Ford Explorer also caused an ethical issue in the 2000’s when more than 100 people did in this model. Many of the Ford Explorers were equipped with Firestone tires which caused a debate as to whether or not the vehicles were too large and prone to rollovers ”The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration pointed the finger at Firestone tires, some of which reportedly had a tendency to shred. Firestone recalled 6.5 million tires. Ford in 2001 ousted its chief executive officer, Jacques Nasser” (Levin, 2015).
Governance issues can range from strategic topics like corporate strategy, IT oversight, innovation, and risk oversight to crisis management and shareholder activism. Governance of organizations are continually moving toward more shareholder centered directions. Governance issues can include long standing debates about purpose of the organization and governance roles, tensions about achieving

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