Ford Motor Company Of Australia

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Ford Motor, Australia remains as one of the popular automobile companies in Australia. The company is an auxiliary of Ford Motor Company, a global automotive company that builds and markets automobiles in various continents of the world. Over the years, the company has increased its investment in the automobile industry through designing new automobile brands to fit the different segments of its business. The company has done this through increased investment on research and development, as well as, in marketing. Effective marketing of its automobile products has made the company experience great sales in the past couple of years. However, as the automobile industry continues to change, the company faces the challenge of making necessary…show more content…
In essence, this market condition makes it necessary for the company to work hard to enforce its corporate marketing objectives (Wilkins & Hill, 2011).
More so, the corporate objectives of Ford Australia lead logically to the marketing objectives. The company has successfully organized its management systems in such a way to facilitate effective sales and marketing of the products across the different market segments. It is critical to look at the effectiveness of its market strategy both in the short and long-term with the objective to keep the company abreast with potential challenges, and opportunities that are presented to its business. Through the critical review of its marketing strategy, then vital elements as regards its future growth and development can be developed. Through such analysis, the company’s management can draw key lessons helpful of making the company achieve its marketing objectives.
The inclusion of environmental management systems and value at Ford Australia plays a critical role to the marketing (Ottman, 2011). This is important in perspective of the high level of knowledge and consumers’ awareness on environmental matters. Most of the local consumers would not want to associate with companies that have zero concerns for the environment (Polonsky & Mintu-Wimsatt, 1995). In other words, the marketing concept as practiced by Ford Australia may be viewed as a part of the broad social responsibility policy
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