Ford Motor Company Portfolio Management Plan

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Ford Motor Company Portfolio Management Plan
PROJ587 Advanced Program Management
Professor Janet Durgin
Prepared by Jennifer Mitchell
February 23, 2013

Table of Contents

Introduction 3 Strategic Plan 3 Strategic Capacity Plan 4 Portfolio Management Process 5 Portfolio Management Process Flow Chart 7 Project Selection 7 Program Management Plan 8 TGW Trend Chart 9 Area/Sources of Conflict 10 Change Management Plan 10 Resource Utilization Plan 12 References 13

Ford Motor Company is considered a global automotive industry leader. Ford was able to reinvent themselves to be able to stay ahead of the economic downturns. Ford has continually improved their overall profit and recently started paying
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In order for Ford to be able to move forward and be successful they have had to make decisions that may have been difficult but also allowed them to become more efficient and more competitive in the automotive industry. We all remember when the economy started a downturn that affected many businesses including the automotive industry. Ford had already begun to make changes to ensure that they would be able to remain successful and it set Ford apart from other automakers.
With this new plan Ford made the decision to close some operations and add to others. They had to look at the areas that were continuing to succeed and also areas that were starting to decline allowing them to make the best possible decisions to make sure that Ford would continue to be successful. Ford made changes to their as manufacturing capacity by making it possible to use the same assembly line to manufacture different models of vehicles (Capacity Utilization, n.d.). This made them more flexible and able to adjust to the different needs of customers as they change over the years. Strategic capacity planning doesn’t end here though. For Ford to remain successful they may have to continually make changes to ensure that they are utilizing their resources in the best way possible with the least amount of waste.
Portfolio Management Process
The portfolio management process has several steps or parts to the process. The idea behind portfolio management is to choose
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