Ford Motor Company 's Form 10 K

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Ford Motor Company’s Form 10-K Every day adults are forced to make decisions whether it is personal, professional or educational. Many people utilize experience or training to make their decision while others rely on a gut feeling. Some decisions can be made in an instance such as what to eat for lunch, and some are made after extensive research and discussions. This approach to decision-making is no different when it is a company who is deciding. Smart executives rely on in-depth research and consultations with subject matter experts before they make a conclusion especially when it comes to spending their money or investing to generate capital. One resource available to the public to research an organization’s financial condition is the Form 10-K. Ford Motor Company is an auto industry giant who experienced severe highs and lows over the last twenty years. Their 10-Ks are provided to their shareholders to review the company’s previous year’s performance. It is the organization’s report card for the SEC as well as current and future stockholders. Analyzing a company’s 10-K prior to investing will provide a solid foundation on the strengths of the company and the risk of purchasing their stock. Purpose of a 10-K The Form 10-K is the more formal way a publicly-traded company reports its financial status to the Securities and Exchange Commission or SEC. According to Epstein (2014), “ The purpose of the Form 10-K is to provide comprehensive details of the company’s

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