Ford Motor Company's Movement

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Ford Motor Company’s movement in a global market is the next frontier in the world of business; its overall objectives are clear and concise. However, the implementation, development, and execution strategy are complicated, consisting of many layers, with the proper performance one can only hope the end result is concise operations, established market share, and profitability. Our company will move forward with a strategy to out preform, produce, and provide a competitive product in global markets. The company will need a working and functional operation plain that will provide the tools necessary to pave a path forward to a successful transition into global markets.
The implementation of a “recommended strategy” which will be
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Our recommended strategy will allow for us to sell goods on a global market with little to none local adjustments to the end product. Therefore, our products will be produced in full prior to embarkation, then to key locations for distribution; all production will take place in one central location. A global strategy in the auto industry drives markets in a uniform fashion; the production of automobiles from region to region is effectively allowing managers to achieve optimal effectiveness and profitable gains within a global market. One of many key objectives is to see the world as one large diverse market; furthermore, our goals are to implement an extreme cost reduction in production while champing a robust and solid design. 3D printing technology has only been recently available to us with the onset of new development skills and production methods. This sharp reduction in cost of production will allow Ford Motor Company to sell its vehicles at a lower cost than can be obtained in any other parts of the world.
In order for our implementation to expand into a global market our management will be conditioned to achieve “cost leadership”. Our leadership in cost efficiency will cut an expensive value chain design down to a lean operative of bare essentials. The precise distribution of goods from inside the country of origin will yield low
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