Ford Mustang And The Chevrolet Camaro

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GM and Ford team up again, but there are other partnerships between automotive rivals to consider. Who would have thunk it?! For 2017, the Ford Mustang and the Chevrolet Camaro will share a 10-speed automatic transmission as a result of a collaborative engineering effort between General Motors and the Ford Motor Company. How’s that again? In 2013, Detroit’s top rivals signed an agreement to jointly develop new 9- and 10-speed automatic transmissions with front- and rear-wheel drive variants. The collaborative effort means both companies are able to design, engineer, establish, test, corroborate and distribute new transmissions at a faster rate and for a lower cost than they would have on their own. Improved Performance, Better Efficiency The effort has yielded a new 10-speed automatic transmission, one that will find its way into various models over the next few years. That the two competing pony cars will share the same transmission means one less important edge for both manufacturers. Instead, the two companies will have to find other ways to beat each other with such factors as horsepower, steering and handling, and aerodynamics providing key differences. At the same time, buyers of both models will enjoy two important benefits 10-speed transmissions provide — better off-the-line acceleration with a shorter first gear and improved fuel economy with the taller top gears. (Jim, see the Popular Mechanics explanation) Incidentally, the 10-speed will be the first we’ve

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