Ford Of The Automobile Industry

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Ford was founded by Henry Ford and incorporated in June 16, 1903. Ford is famously known for popularizing the assembly line with the production of the T-Model Ford. In addition to the Ford brand, the corporation also includes their luxury vehicle line Lincoln. From 1938-2011 Mercury was also a part of the Ford fleet of cars. During the financial crisis of 2009, Ford was one of the few American car companies that avoided bankruptcy. They have since grown to be the second largest U.S. based car manufacturer, and the fifth largest in Europe.

Industry and Customer Value
The customer base for automobiles is diverse and has different requirements and desires for automobiles. The auto industry has recognized these requirements and desires and manufactures various models to accommodate the customers. Ford is a true innovator in the automobile industry. They have made such headway mainly because they figured out to mass produce their cars quickly, thereby making it affordable to the customer base. Ford has made great strides in rebranding what value means to their customer. There are several factors that customers deem valuable when selecting a Ford automobile:
Price- Although Ford produces a range of affordable automobiles suitable for every customer, one thing that Ford has done is officially lower the recommended price list on all of its medium and small cars.
Dependability- Ford has prided itself on the dependability of its cars. In an effort to
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