Ford Pinto

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Principles of Responsible Commerce (COMM 101)
Case 2.3 (The Ford Pinto)
Week 4 1. What moral issues does the Pinto case raise?
Moral issues that Ford Pinto case raises included producing dangerous products which are not safe to use it without informing the dangerous of the products to the public. In addition, lobbying the NHTSA to delay the safety measure of the products is also one of the moral issues that Ford Pinto case raises. (53 words)

2. Suppose Ford officials were asked to justify their decision. What moral principles do you think they would invoke? Assess Ford’s handling of the Pinto from the perspective of each of the moral theories discussed in this chapter.

The theory of egoism is most
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Is doing so ever morally legitimate?

No. Kant’s 2nd categorical imperatives stated that we need to treat humanity always an end and never as a means. (Shaw, Barry & Sansbury, 2009, pg77) According to the case, Ford did not put a human’s life as the first priority; in fact, they placed a monetary value on a human’s life. They are using the human life to determine whether their decision is profitable in the cost-benefit analysis which is against Kantianism. (67 words)

6. What responsibilities to its customers do you think Ford had? What are the most important moral rights, if any, operating in the Pinto case?

Ford should produce the products that are safe to be used. Besides that, Ford should also be honest to the customer by providing the truth information to the customer. In this case, the most important moral rights is every human being has the inherent right to live. Thus, Ford should disclose the dangerous of their products to the customer. (59 words)

7. Would it have made a moral difference if the savings resulting from not improving the Pinto gas tank had been passed on to Ford’s customer? Could a rational customer have chosen to save a few dollars and risk having the more dangerous gas tank? What if Ford had told potential customers about its decision?

No. There would not have made a moral difference since the products are dangerous which might risk the human’s life.

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