Ford Supply Chain Management Strategy Case Study : Ford Supply Chain Strategy

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Ford supply chain strategy case study is an in-depth analysis report based on the inside and outside factors affecting the organization. Our analysis have included two alternatives and a few other attributes of the Ford which focuses on production on various countries and how the factor supply chain is contributing to the company policies. Moreover the report will focus on the current objective and suggest new ideology of Ford with global environment changes in mind.
In this world of technology and innovation even Ford Motor Company is investing in new technologies in order to improvised their supply chain management, build an environment with interaction between each department as well as suppliers in order to reduce the bridging gap between them. As it is a leader in auto market segment, needs to update and coop with time and technology periodically but due to huge competition from the Japanese auto makers like Toyota, Honda, and Nissan, Suzuki etc., who are strong and powerful with references to the supply chain process management due to which Ford market share dip compared to others as well as the sales also declined. During this time, Ford analysed the situation and thought positively and started improvement in the supply chain management.

Case Background:
In order to improve the current strategy the director of supply chain management during that time Mr. Teri Takai, brought to the notice of the directors as well as the top management that changes need

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