Ford Swot

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To: Alan Mulally
From: Travis Harper
Date: March 6, 2012
Re: SWOT and Value Chain Analysis

The purpose of this memo is offer the Ford management team advice and recommendations based on an internal and external analysis of the Ford Motor Company. A SWOT analysis will be conducted and the memo will outline and explain the processes involved with the analysis. A SWOT analysis will provide the decision makers of the company with information about the positive and negative aspects of both the external and internal environments currently facing Ford. The internal analysis will provide better insight into the strength and weaknesses of the company, and the external analysis will recognize opportunity and threats presented by the
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Customer value comes from three broad categories: the product is unique and different, the product is low priced, or the product meets the needs of customers quickly and efficiently. Ford must assess the organizations ability to create customer value through its primary and secondary activities. In this case the primary activities under consideration are operations, marketing and sales, and customer service, while the secondary activities consists of human resource management and technological development.
Analysis of Primary Activities
The primary activities of a company are the source of customer value. Productivity, quality, and cost efficiency are all very important factors for the operations activities of Ford when it comes to creating customer value. The Way Forward plan has certainly put the company on a path to achieve profitability and to accelerate product development to provide customers with value through improved quality. The company is currently matching foreign rivals in quality surveys, which is a positive step forward, and continuing to make its manufacturing plants as efficient and effective as possible by stressing strategies and processes to maximize operational quality and efficiency. Ford has aligned its goals of manufacturing with marketing by focusing on a customer driven strategy, aligning plant capacity with customer demand. In the area of

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