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Ford Motor Company
Gregory Hilgendorf
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This paper discusses the Ford Motor Company, the mission, and keys to their success. In addition, there will be discussions centered on the current company’s market summary. This paper will examine Ford Motor Company’s SWOT analysis, the company’s strengthens, weakness, opportunities, and threats. In addition, this would also look at the automotive driving forces, that make it alluring for firms to join the industry. Finally, this paper will discuss the competition and critical issues Ford Motor Company Faces.

Ford Motor Company is a traditional American company that has started a revolution that introduced the Model T motor car, which
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Automobile manufacturers are also looking into ways to reduce labor cost by working with unions to reduce the amount of money that firms pay for benefits that they provide to their employees. Automobile manufactures continue to find ways to cut cost in production, labor, and operations in order to remain competitive yet profitable in a competitive market.
Market Summary
Ford Motor Company has estimated the annual growth in their respective target markets. The table shown displays the company’s market share during the past few years.

Market Share * | Market | 2009 | 2008 | 2007 | 2006 | 2005 | 2004 | North America | 15.3% | 14.2% | 14.6% | 16.0% | 17.0% | 18.0% | South America | 10.2% | 9.7% | 10.7% | 11.5% | 12.4% | 11.8% | Europe | 9.1% | 8.6% | 8.6% | 8.5% | 8.5% | 8.6% | Asia | 2.0% | 2.0% | 2.3% | 2.4% | 2.3% | 2.3% |

*Table is from Ford
According to the table shown above it appears that the company has lost some of their market share in all of their key markets. This related to the worldwide economic crisis that has limited the ability for individuals making big-ticket purchases such as a car. Another reason could be that with the financial restructuring that has been taking place, it has placed limits on how individuals are able to get financing.

Market Demographics
Every successful automobile manufacturer found success in expanding their product lines to a variety of

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