Ford 's Current Existing Supply Chain Condition

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Executive Summary I spend pretty long time analyzing Ford’s current existing supply chain condition. I immediately became aware of its highly complex environment. This high level of complexity combined with other external and internal factors. These factors push Ford to search for the best solutions in order to overcome the costly supply chain issues that they are facing and may continue encounter in the future. Ford’s major challenges in their current supply chain system is: the inefficient and uneffective control of their complex network of suppliers and large data base, the existence of independent distributors, their failure to communicate and directly serve their customers. I am trying to realize the urgent need to modify Ford’s…show more content…
On the other hand, when customers buy computers online, all they need is a better price than the retailers and the product’s features are according to their needs, they don’t have to worry about touching and testing the computer. Ford should set up a special department in order to handle this new business process. Investmentin new high tech equipments is required as well as training should be provided before the new project’s kick off date. Suppliers’ computers should be linked to Ford’s master computer network and customers should be made aware of this new shopping experience for buying anautomobile.To measure the performance of this model, Ford should schedule periodical review andevaluation meetings. Recommendations for improvements should be noted along the way inorder to be evaluated. The improvement of customer service and shareholder value should be themain aim of the whole project. At this time it’s hard to anticipate its success or failure, but byinvesting time and effort into it I will be confident of its success if not in the short term it willdefinitely in the long run. Ford’s Challenges Ford’s fundemental challenge is the control and management of their large data base of their particularly suppliers, sub-supplier, and business partnerss. Ford and Dell are two different types of industries, one is in auto manufacture industry and the other is computer manufacturing. Unlike Dell which has only about 50 suppliers, Ford has several thousand
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