Ford 's S Successful Ad Campaign Vs. Ford

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Chances are you’ve seen many of Ford’s flashy cars arounds or heard the roar of a powerful Ford Mustang GT350 barrel past you on the freeway, its bright white standing out amongst the dull plain colored cars. Well, Ford has been around for over 100 years and have been going strong in this multi-billion dollar industry. In particular Ford’s F series line of trucks have been the best selling truck for the last thirty years. A reason why Ford’s series of F trucks have been so popular is Ford’s massively successful Ad campaign compared to their competitors Chevy and GM. Ford is a maker of cars for all types of people. Ford has made cars for the people who want a powerful muscle car, a reliable van for their family, a truck to supplement the needs of their construction jobs, small sedans for everyday travel, and now new hybrids to bridge the gap of efficiency and power. Ford provides trucks from light-duty all the way up to super-duty trucks, which are basically tanks.To get the people of America interested in their cars, Ford uses multiple ad campaigns. In particular their F series of trucks is by far the most popular and I will be analyzing Ford’s use of rhetorical devices and modeling the use of rhetorical devices in a mock ad campaign. Rhetorical devices in advertisements are effective in convincing the consumer to use the intended product over the others. Additionally, the use of rhetorical devices is present in not only text-heavy ads you would see in a newspaper, but in…

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