Why I Want To Attend Fordham University

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I come to Fordham University with expectations of completing my Masters of Art degree in Social Service. This will increase my chances of being a successful child Therapist. I am aware, prepared and committed to taking a advantage of all the necessary resources that Fordham University has to offer including tutoring. I am also prepared for any educational challenges that I may face during my completion of graduate school. My personal, academic and profession experiences allows me to continue my education in a Masters of Social Service degree program.
I have several reasons which confirms my interest in the social work profession. First, my personal experience consist of me being a single parent with a special needs child whose been diagnosed with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD),
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A background of my academic studies consist of several courses relating to social service including Sociology Research Methods, Minority Groups, Women and Work, Carribean Studies many others. I have managed to study a variety of courses in a traditional classroom setting as well studying courses online. While most of my academic studies were completed in a traditional classroom setting, my last year and half I completed online at Empire State College Center for Distance Learning. One of the main reasons i am interested in studying online is because when I tried it out it was exciting, new to me and it me gave the flexibility that I needed when work and family responsibilities were a concern. In addition, to studying online I was able to organize a more concrete educational plan and manage my time more effectively. My next step toward my academic goal is to continue my studies in social service and achieve my MSW degree. Once I have achieved my MSW degree I would be eligible to take the exam to become a Licensed Child
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