Ford's Assembly Line Building Technique

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Cars have always been a big deal in the United States. Ever since Henry Ford invented his Model T in 1908, the automobile industry in the United Sates has continued to grow (“Henry Ford Changes the World,” 2005). While Ford was not the original inventor the automobile, he created the first automobiles that were affordable, easy to drive and maintain, which made it possible for everyday people to own cars. Ford’s assembly line building technique became the benchmark for all the big auto manufactures of that day (“Henry Ford Changes the World,” 2005). Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler soon became known as the “Big Three” American automobile companies (Foner & Garraty, 1991). While the automobile industry has immensely grown and changed from the early 1900’s to now, it continues to be at the forefront of industries creating environmental concerns worldwide. Issues currently being faced by the American Auto Industry include: having to handle tough global competition by foreign automakers, figuring out how to incorporate new technology to power vehicles (such as electric or ethanol run cars), and having to face new higher government and consumer quality and environmental standards. Like every other industry, the automobile industry in the United States is susceptible to competition. The biggest global contender to the US Automobile Industry is the Japanese Automobile Industry. Trade agreements have been in place since 1995, that make replacement parts for Japanese
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