Ford's Effect On Manufacturing Industry

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On July 30, 1863, an industrialist was born, neither him nor anyone for that matter, knew he was to forever change the world, he was known as Henry Ford (1863-1947). Ford grew up on his parents ' farm in Michigan. He loved to work on the farm machinery. He was good at fixing things and could even repair watches. Although Ford did not invent the automobile but his introduction of the Model T automobile revolutionized transportation and American industry, his inventions are still marveled in the modern world today. Henry Ford installed the World’s first moving assembly line in December 1913. Ford and the assembly line improved work conditions, revolutionized production and revolutionized American society.
Ford’ effect on manufacturing reaches worldwide. Prior to the Industrial Revolution people were largely self-reliant, but the industrial revolution transported increased separation of labor, and this separation of labor got a specialization, which carried increased productivity. Specialization, however, decreased self-sufficiency and people became gradually dependent on one another. Which was the process of socialization of labor. Ford was capable of making a reliable and low-cost auto because of his ground-breaking, assembly line. The Assembly line is a sequence of workers, machines, and parts down which an incomplete product passes, each worker performing a procedure, until the product is assembled (Mass Production). The assembly line was undoubtedly Ford 's greatest
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