Ford's Escape Hybrid Race

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The big picture was conceptualization to make Bill Ford Jr. dream of an electric and gas Hybrid SUV, a reality. The dream includes the use of two motors with capable of operating on either of the two sources of energy gas or electric with the capability to use either source of energy when necessary. It would also need to have spacious room to sit, towing capability, as well as gas efficient. Then is the planning stage, took several years of global searching to find the right suppliers. Put together a team of engineers to work with the team of scientists. Then both teams had willing to think beyond the box in making Bill Ford Jr. inspiration a reality. The execution of the SUV, which includes, building the model that was to scale, trouble shooting, and to solve problems as they occur with such a project. The launch and termination of the project, the new Ford Escape SUV, scheduled for the fall of 2004 to introduce to the new hybrid SUV to the public, the new generation of advance technology ever put into a vehicle. (Kreitner & Cassidy, pp. 179-181) The Ford Company’s project was in creating a non-conventional vehicle, as the hybrid SUV; the creators were an unconventional development team. With such a team mixture, the idea of having two managers to tie together the non-conventional project with the unconventional team, for both Prabhaker Patil and for Mary Ann Wright. Both managers had talent essential for such a team mixture and the variety of the project development and
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